Hospital Policies

Safety Policies

All cats and dogs entering the hospital are required to have a current rabies vaccination. Written proof of vaccination from a certified vaccine administrator must be presented at the time of your pet’s appointment or if you cannot provide written proof/your pet is past due for vaccination, we may require your pet to receive vaccination during their appointment. Due to the risk that unvaccinated animals pose to our staff and other animals in the hospital, we reserve the right to decline services to unvaccinated pets.

All animals entering the hospital must be properly restrained on a leash or in a secure carrier. Please do not allow your pet to interact with another pet in the lobby. Just because your pet may be friendly and well-behaved off-leash, does not mean that someone else’s pet is the same way. By ensuring that you have proper control of your animal, you are helping to keep everyone safe – including your pet, yourself, other clients and their pets, and our staff. If you arrive for your appointment without an appropriate leash or carrier, we may require that you either purchase one from us to use or return another time when you can bring your pet on a leash/in a carrier.

During appointments, only our trained staff are allowed to handle the animals. We ask that owners please keep their hands and faces away from their pets, unless specifically asked to assist by the staff or doctors. Failure to cooperate with this policy may result in serious injury to yourself, your pet, and/or our staff as well as refusal of service.

We take safety very seriously and these policies are all in place for everyone’s protection.


Our hospital operates primarily on appointments in order to see patients in a timely and efficient manner. Walk-ins will be seen by the doctor only when/if time becomes available between scheduled appointments and depending on the situation, emergency examination fees may be applied. Please understand that although our staff and doctors work very hard, it is strongly encouraged that you schedule an appointment through one of our staff members to ensure that there will be ample time for a doctor to examine and treat your pet.

We do offer “drop-off” appointments when appropriate, in which case your pet can be left with us in the morning and a doctor can examine your pet when there is time available and your pet can go home later in the day. These drop-off appointments are only offered for pets whom we have seen before and, for those established patients, are offered on a case-by-case basis. Please call ahead for a drop-off appointment as our time, staff, and kennel space are limited.


Please note that we are a small, non-emergency veterinary hospital. In the event of an emergency, we recommend taking your pet to the nearest emergency clinic. Scheduled appointments are our top priority and many emergencies require treatment beyond what we are equipped to handle.