Analyzing a urine sample from your pet (performing a urinalysis) is a very powerful way for your veterinarian to gather information about your pet’s health.

Is your cat urinating outside the litterbox? Are you finding puddles on the rug? This can be the first sign of a serious health issue! Catching a problem prior to symptoms appearing can mean the difference between a healthy pet or a health crisis. Sometimes by the time we see symptoms, the issue can be so severe that hospitalization or even surgery is needed. This can cause added stress and discomfort to our pets, us, and our pocketbook.

An annual urinalysis can give us a better view of the overall health of your pet by monitoring kidney and bladder health. Urine testing can alert us to bladder stones, tumors, crystals, infection, kidney compromise and other very serious illnesses, some of which do not always show up on bloodwork.