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Services Provided

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Our practice offers a variety of services to our clients, including: annual wellness visits, vaccinations, preventative care, microchipping, in-house lab services, Idexx lab services, digital X-Rays, dental care, spay/neuter surgeries, tumor and mass removals, and boarding.

Experienced Veterinarians


At Crepe Myrtle Animal Hospital, we have two veterinarians, who together make up approximately 50+ years of combined experience and practice.



Frequently Asked Questions to help you prepare for your visit.


While microchipping is very important and will help increase the chance of being reunited with a lost pet, it does not replace collars and tags, and should not be used as the only line of defense when it comes to keeping your pet at home.


Want to receive appointment reminders via text or email? Login and view your pet's medical record? Well you can do it all with ePetHealth. Click the link below to connect to the ePetHealth website!