If you are experiencing an emergency, please call TVRH or VSH!



Emergency Situations

Unfortunately, Crepe Myrtle Animal Hospital is not an emergency hospital. We do not offer extended hours, nor do we have the staff or equipment to accommodate emergencies. If you believe that your pet is experiencing an emergency, please contact Triangle Veterinary Referral Hospital or Veterinary Specialty Hospital.

Species We Treat

We are exclusively a small animal practice. We treat cats and dogs only. If you have pocket pets, birds, and other exotics, please contact Avian and Exotic Animal Care in Cary, N.C. If you have large animals, there are several mobile practices that service this area, as well as NC State in Raleigh, N.C.

What Requires an Exam

In order to have many of our services completed, or have a prescription refilled, your pet will need to be an established patient of Crepe Myrtle Animal Hospital by having an examination with one of our doctors. There are some procedures and vaccinations that require an exam be performed directly prior to giving the vaccine or performing the procedure. For example, an examination must be performed directly prior to giving a Distemper vaccine, to ensure that the pet is healthy enough to receive the vaccine. We also require an exam with each puppy and kitten visit when they are getting their vaccines/ boosters. Puppies and kittens grow and go through many changes during their first few months, and this policy is put in place to make sure that they are in good condition and developing properly. 

Tech Appointments

A few of our services offered are able to be carried out with just a Vet Assistant. As long as your pet is up-to-date on their yearly exam at our office, Vet Assistants can: give Bordetella vaccines, Lyme boosters, Lepto boosters, run fecal & heartworm tests, perform nail trims, baths, shavedowns (that do not require sedation), and microchipping. Techs also are responsible for collecting blood and urine samples. If you would like a doctor to be present during one of these services, then please request an exam when scheduling an appointment. This way we are able to ensure that the doctor is available when you stop by.


While we do accept walk-ins, our scheduled appointments take precedent. We will try our best to get your pet seen as soon as we have availability however, there may be a waiting period. By scheduling an appointment, we can better serve you.

Appointment Punctuality

Our practice strives to limit the amount of waiting time that our clients experience during their visits. We are best able to achieve this when patients arrive on-time for their appointments. 


Importance of Flea, Tick, and Heartworm Prevention

 Fleas, ticks, and heartworms are prevalent in this region. In order to keep your pet most comfortable and to save money in the long-run, it is best to keep pets on flea/tick and heartworm prevention year-round. At your next visit, ask our staff about the current rebates for preventatives!