Monthly Happenings

February: National Pet Dental Health Month

Even our fur babies need their pearly whites taken care of! For dental procedures done in February and March, we are giving away a 30-count bag of Oravet Chews ($32 value) for dogs and a 30-count bag of CET Oral Hygiene Chews ($20 value) for cats! Call us to schedule your pet's dental cleaning today!

March: Pet Poison Prevention Awareness Month

It is so easy for our pets to chew on or get into something they are not supposed to. Even foods and medications that are healthy or safe to use for humans may be toxic to pets.  The most common items that are toxic to dogs include: chocolate, rodenticides, anti-inflammatory medications, xylitol (sugar-free gum & more), grapes/raisins, antidepressant medications, acetaminophen, high levels of vitamin D, stimulant medications, and fertilizers. Cats are particularly sensitive to:  lilies (Lilium species), spot-on flea/tick medication made for dogs, household cleaners, antidepressant medications, certain essential oils, anti-inflammatory medications, rodenticides, stimulant medications, onions/garlic, and high levels of vitamin D. Please visit the ASPCA's Poison Control website or the Pet Poison Helpline website for a complete list of known pet toxins. If you think your pet has ingested or come into contact with a toxin, please give us a call, give the emergency vet a call, or call one of the 24/7 pet poison helplines at:  (855) 764-7661 or (888) 426-4435.